Q: What is Touch Training INSTANT platform?
A: A mobile App which is available for immediate download from the Apple AppStore for iPhone and iPad and from the Google Play or a link for Android phones and tablets. The App is freely available to any user, and your training content requires an ACCESSCODE before it can be downloaded and accessed. The Touch Training INSTANT platform is ideal if you need atraining App right now or you have limited budget.

Q: What is Touch Training BRANDED?
A: This is an App we publish for you with your branding and choice of App Name and Icon design. The App is submitted to for publishing on the Apple AppStore and Google Play. A branded App will project a more professional image for your company. Please note that Apple has a 10-14 day approval time for AppStore Submission. We also offer competitive bespoke services development for clients using the Touch Training BRANDED option.

Q: What kind of training media?
A: Course slides from PowerPoint and Keynote, audio commentary, video and Appraisals (Tests).

Q: What format video?
A: Videos must be in the correct mobile (.W4m) format. Contact us for details of our video conversion service. Remember clips need to be downloaded so are best kept to less than 3 minutes.

Q: Can I add Marketing Messages into my App?
A: Yes. Use the Marketing Screen to keep in front of your customers both old and new.

Q: Can I sell my Apps on the AppStore and Google Market?
A: Yes please contact us about a Publisher Subscription.

Q: Is my Content Secure?
A: Yes Access is secured with ACCESSCODES.